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  • I grew up fishing, playing ball, and watching him at the race track. It s a shame you never put any confidence in me or you would have read my true intentions.
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    Do you really think it s a wise idea to treat her like that? She and Ted had gone to a movie to get their minds off of how disturbed Tanya had been and then sat in a coffee shop for the rest of the night talking.
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    I can t possibly imagine what you invoke in men with less experience than me. Ben and Zack continued to do it, especially whenever she made another accomplishment.
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  • A place that made inventions for things that people used around their homes, Megan said. Still, that showed them that they d do well to listen to her in the future!
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    February 10th, 2009

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    12/Dec/2009     The Pavilion     HAILSHAM

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  • The room had an orange glow to it as a fire burned brightly. She peeped through the keyhole; she could see a brightly lit sliver of the library beyond, one of her father's bookshelves, and a corner of one of the intricate throw rugs that adorned the floor.
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    Ted shook his head, You didn t even seem to care about her being hurt until you didn t get your way, now it seems to be your main concern.
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    She walked over and took it off to rinse it. You re lucky this is all I m going to do to you, pal!
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    The raw cramping hunger was unmistakable as it possessed her dark soul.
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  • He seemed to do his best to try and sleep, oblivious to her attention; he rested his temple against the window frame and kept his eyes closed.
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