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  • His voice was harsh with lustful hunger as the delicious sensation of her body against his.
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  • She preferred the night-life and her numerous boyfriends over a solid healthy education. He didn t think he would say such a thing five years ago, but he was relieved to realize that he had put his relationship with Carmen behind him after all.
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  • He was taunting her; no different from any other man with whom she had ever shared her opinions. Once we get back to our time, we won t be married.
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    She didn t want to start over with someone else.
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  • Her beauty, the innocence that radiated off of her and her helplessness was actually firing his hunger for her. After we were robbed, one of Cheadle's bags was delivered here by mistake, she said.
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  • It must be different when you don't grow up with an alcoholic in the family, she thought.
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  • And Miriam Well, how else was she going to find a husband?
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  • No one was able to resist her, yet Lucas managed over and over again. He laughed as he turned the horses down the dusty street.
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