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  • She drew out a silver snuffbox 22 SARA REINKE and turned it over between her palms. What if we said or did something that s changed them?
  • He d been calling her for the last hour, and could not locate her. Is he going to let go of this ridiculous charade?
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    He then turned to the young man as Elsa introduced them. She slapped her hand against the swell of Charlotte's rump.
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  • So if something happened to Lucas, and Valear couldn t prevent it, he would take it out on the one supposedly protecting him. What you were trying to do was disrupt our fate.
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  • It won't happen again if you can get my pills. She pushed back from him, I have to go home.
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  • For reassurance she 337 Lietha Wards grabbed her handbag and rummaged through it for the cross. She smiled, I think you are just saying that to make me feel better.
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  • He studied her beautiful face with unveiled affection, Thoughts that aren t hidden too deeply and the more intelligent the person, the more hindered they are.
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  • You have caused your stir; you have had your fuss, now let it bloody go!
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    And it seems to me that your best friend ate mine up.
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  • Ryan couldn t handle their harassment, but he had to admire Elizabeth for standing her ground.
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  • The marshal shrugged and turned around so his back was to them. She rummaged in the fridge until she found a slice of ham and dropped it on the floor, hoping it would shut the cat up.
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  • She walked to the window that looked out onto the street and park below watching the people who were already up for the day and playing soccer, 144 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story studying, or just going for a walk. She went to pull back and his hand shot out of nowhere and stopped her.
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  • The other twentyfour or so we keep behind closed doors for now.
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    Several lines of linked clear gems hung across her back to steady the front of the dress in place. I love you too, Meg, he whispered, kissing the top of her head.
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    Tickets for some of the dates below are available from Ticketmaster

    01/Apr/2009      Chequer Mead Theatre and Arts Centre      EAST GRINSTEAD
    02/Apr/2009     Komedia Bath     BATH
    03/Apr/2009     The Mick Jagger Centre     DARTFORD
    09/Apr/2009     Pittville Pump Room     CHELTENHAM
    10/Apr/2009     Rhosygilwen     CARDIGAN
    11/Apr/2009     Aberystwyth Arts     ABERYSTWYTH
    12/Apr/2009     Gosport and Fareham Easter Festival     FAREHAM
    15/Apr/2009     Haverhill Arts Centre     HAVERHILL
    16/Apr/2009     Norwich Arts Centre     NORWICH
    17/Apr/2009     Cornerstone     DIDCOT
    18/Apr/2009     Gulbenkian Theatre     CANTERBURY
    21/Apr/2009     The York Duchess     YORK
    24/Apr/2009     The Courtyard     HEREFORD
    25/Apr/2009     Forest Arts Centre     NEW MILTON
    26/Apr/2009     Tower Arts Centre     WINCHESTER
    29/Apr/2009     Lincoln Drill Hall     LINCOLN
    01/May/2009     Southport Arts Centre     SOUTHPORT
    04/May/2009     Drogheda Arts     DROGHEDA
    05/May/2009     Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre Peebles     PEEBLES
    08/May/2009     Holmfirth Folk Weekend     HOLMFIRTH
    09/May/2009     The Civic Theatre     CHELMSFORD
    10/May/2009     Brewery Arts Centre     KENDAL
    05/Jun/2009     Gate to Southwell Folk Festival     Southwell
    20/Jun/2009     De Montfort Hall     LEICESTER
    28/Jun/2009     Crawley Folk Festival     CRAWLEY
    11/Jul/2009     Heavenly Planet     READING
    10/Sep/2009     The Met     BURY
    12/Dec/2009     The Pavilion     HAILSHAM

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  • Had she not been so distracted by her own misery and melancholy, Charlotte might have been concerned.
  • Ryan thought they were going to have to work on a project together.
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  • Her lips whispered against his, God help me, but I love you. Lucas looked dwarfed in front of them and he was six foot three.
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  • Lord Harlow, what a pleasure, he said, without averting his gaze from Charlotte's breasts.
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    Narrowing his eyes at her, he said, You d better watch it. She spoke softly to him hoping the other two wouldn t hear.
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  • I live here, what s your excuse. was his deep teasing reply.
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