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  • As Albert spoke, seeming lucid and calm now that someone was on hand to comfort his unease, she frowned thoughtfully. I m going to make some more shorts once I get the hang of this.
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  • I think I need a night with my kind, to help me remind myself of who or what I really am. He walked away from her, his posture slumping, his shoulders hunching in shame.
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  • Charlotte returned her mother's smile, unwilling to debate the matter. Deep down he wished he d never met her, but it was too late now.
  • She carried a towel, her dirty dress and a bar of soap.
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  • Hello dear brother and I do mean that in the most relative of sense. His eyebrows rose, Well, I guess you can t get everything out of a gossip magazine.
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    Eliza Carthy 2009 tour dates

    February 10th, 2009

    Tickets for some of the dates below are available from Ticketmaster

    01/Apr/2009      Chequer Mead Theatre and Arts Centre      EAST GRINSTEAD
    02/Apr/2009     Komedia Bath     BATH
    03/Apr/2009     The Mick Jagger Centre     DARTFORD
    09/Apr/2009     Pittville Pump Room     CHELTENHAM
    10/Apr/2009     Rhosygilwen     CARDIGAN
    11/Apr/2009     Aberystwyth Arts     ABERYSTWYTH
    12/Apr/2009     Gosport and Fareham Easter Festival     FAREHAM
    15/Apr/2009     Haverhill Arts Centre     HAVERHILL
    16/Apr/2009     Norwich Arts Centre     NORWICH
    17/Apr/2009     Cornerstone     DIDCOT
    18/Apr/2009     Gulbenkian Theatre     CANTERBURY
    21/Apr/2009     The York Duchess     YORK
    24/Apr/2009     The Courtyard     HEREFORD
    25/Apr/2009     Forest Arts Centre     NEW MILTON
    26/Apr/2009     Tower Arts Centre     WINCHESTER
    29/Apr/2009     Lincoln Drill Hall     LINCOLN
    01/May/2009     Southport Arts Centre     SOUTHPORT
    04/May/2009     Drogheda Arts     DROGHEDA
    05/May/2009     Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre Peebles     PEEBLES
    08/May/2009     Holmfirth Folk Weekend     HOLMFIRTH
    09/May/2009     The Civic Theatre     CHELMSFORD
    10/May/2009     Brewery Arts Centre     KENDAL
    05/Jun/2009     Gate to Southwell Folk Festival     Southwell
    20/Jun/2009     De Montfort Hall     LEICESTER
    28/Jun/2009     Crawley Folk Festival     CRAWLEY
    11/Jul/2009     Heavenly Planet     READING
    10/Sep/2009     The Met     BURY
    12/Dec/2009     The Pavilion     HAILSHAM

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  • She tried not to let her encounter with Zack and Ben upset her but they always found a way to get under her skin. The door stood open, and Reilly was at the threshold.
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    You should feel privileged to give your life to make the tribe strong. She suspected that window was to the room Lucas was in.
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  • I know, she cried, ready to pull her hair out. Maybe she just didn t get it, and this was supposed to raise money for...she grabbed her brochure and looked at it homeless people.
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