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  • Carmen was the only one who could manage to have a real conversation with me.
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  • The men cleared the center of the barn, making sure the animals were taken to their stalls or taken outside to provide room for dancing.
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  • A fourth man rammed into them, causing them all to fall to the floor.
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    17/Apr/2009     Cornerstone     DIDCOT
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    21/Apr/2009     The York Duchess     YORK
    24/Apr/2009     The Courtyard     HEREFORD
    25/Apr/2009     Forest Arts Centre     NEW MILTON
    26/Apr/2009     Tower Arts Centre     WINCHESTER
    29/Apr/2009     Lincoln Drill Hall     LINCOLN
    01/May/2009     Southport Arts Centre     SOUTHPORT
    04/May/2009     Drogheda Arts     DROGHEDA
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    10/Sep/2009     The Met     BURY
    12/Dec/2009     The Pavilion     HAILSHAM

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  • He suddenly whipped her over on her back and entered her swiftly.
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  • Tanya could see the waves of anger wash over the woman s expression and it was her turn to take a step back, I must be going.

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  • Linda began to pace in front of him, Well, that s it then.
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  • Charlotte looked down at the matching diamond necklace and earrings with disinterest. There are things men and women do, and men don t cook.
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    Elsa grew angry, All my life, I had to listen to people like you tell me what to do. If I hadn t run into Mrs. Baxter s house, this wouldn t have happened.
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    He followed the contours of her throat with his lips, the tip of his tongue drawing slow, concentric circles against her skin. Who? but Gabriel had already turned around and walked away without answering with the wolf happily padding at his heels leaving her gaping at his back.
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  • She knew Simon and Jaden had tried to be subtle about their love affair while Greta was growing up.
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    That s not going to be a problem since I ve never had sex. He had promised that he would, and while the reasonable portion of her mind had known fully well it was an impossible risk for him--one that would likely see him, Lewis, and Reilly side by side and dangling from Tyburn--the rest of her had longed for it with near despair.
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  • His supervisor often used the three as examples of model employees. He said he meant what he said the other night.
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    The marshal shrugged and turned around so his back was to them. What about the things she had been going through, the surge of feelings and desire, her dream that wasn t a dream back in her dorm.
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  • He kept them all in line and enjoyed them greatly.